MCMA History
Established in 1976 as the Manitoba Association of Country Arts, the association quickly rose to support local talent throughout the province.

As M.A.C.A. the initial goal of the association was to become the voice to represent the country music industry in Manitoba, and eventually become a government chartered organization. Membership in the association included all persons legitimately earning their living or part thereof in the Country music industry. The first Board of Directors consisted of:

President, Mike Ried from Radio Station CHMM
Vice President, Wayne Link form Linkon Steel Guitars and the country music group Red Wine
Secretary-Treasurer, Pat Blyth, musician-artist and booking agent

Winnipeg Representatives:
Paul Graham, CKRC Country Music
Terry O'Reilly, Manager of the Downs Recording Co.
Rural Representatives:
Bill Hillman, artist and owner of Maple Grove Records from Strathclair
Lewis Kaselitz the organizer of Boggy Creek's Call of the Wild Music Festival from Roblin

In 2004 M.A.C.A was renamed to the Manitoba Country Music Association (M.C.M.A.)

Manitoba Country Music Association